Spring Tide

This was the most impressive spring tide I’ve ever seen.  I’ve seen waves wash over onto the street before, but nothing like this.  The entire street was wet right to the other side and not one car parked on the side of the road was dry and they’d closed the ocean baths because it was overflowing.  At one point I was leaning over the railing when a wave rose high above me.  I quickly turned away and braced myself but when I felt splatters of salt water hit me, I thought that it wasn’t too bad.  Then it hit me and I was drenched.  A photographer, standing not too far away, got the moment on film. 

I still feel lucky to live here and I felt even luckier today.

I took these photos with my iPhone.  They’re not the best quality, but they captured the moment beautifully. 

This is probably also a good example of dialogue between photos.



 043042 044  051052 053   067  073

136061077 080 083 084 088 098




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