Hall of Fame

Sshh… do you hear that?  It’s the sounds of reverence and awe.

This is my Hall of Fame for the bloggers that I love.



Art of Hookie

Mara Eastern’s Personal Blog

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley

zombie fights shark

Sarah Elizabeth

Shut Up Dad

– Pause here to look at the subjects, nod and rub chin thoughtfully.  Comment about juxtaposition and swirl your brandy.  Adjust monocle.


The Nutshell Version

China Sojourns Photography – 作客中国摄影

Today, on Earth

Roving Bess

Awkward Laughter

Real Life Co.

Did you know that escargot is being taken off menus because of a flatworm that live in them?  Apparently they’re dangerous to consume.  So, no escargot for you at this Hall of Fame opening.  Here’s a celery stick dipped in cream cheese.

The Things I See Up Here

The Pretty Platform

My Atheist Blog

Swim In The Adult Pool







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