When Will I Be Loved? My Heartache

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Nobody is going to write some graffiti on a wall for me.

All my life, overlooked, teased, laughed at.  The ugliest creature in the world.

The other kids pointing and laughing at me, telling me to watch out or the tide will turn and my face will look like this forever.

How cruel when they know that I was born this way.

A face that only a mother could love.

My big, bulbous nose – the face of an old man with a permanent frown.  My skin grayish-white and gelatinous.  I’m an oddity, the laughing stock of the world.

I achieved fame, the thing that almost every one desires.  The thing that’s supposed to bring you money, fortune and love.  It’s mine.  My burden, my heartache, my constant reminder that I’m not one of the beautiful people.

My rise to fame was fast.  I was “discovered” not in a mall, but on a boat – a chance meeting that I regret to this day.  It was a normal day for me, then I was scooped out of the warm seas of oblivion and hauled onto the deck and suddenly into the spotlight.

There have been so many memes about me, cruel and heartless memes, making sure that I can be out of sight but never forgotten.  They make fun of what I was born with, something that I didn’t ask for and can’t change.  Not everyone can be lucky and blessed with good looks.  All I want is to be noticed for who I am.  If fame is all about noticing what I am, then I don’t want it.

If only they tried to get to know the real me instead of what they see.

Nobody has ever looked at me and said:  “Awww, how cute.”  Nobody has ever said about me “so ugly but cute!”  Nobody has ever looked at me and told me that they love me.  They look at me and scream “What is THAT?!  Kill it!  KILL IT WITH NAPALM!”

Everybody hates me, nobody loves me, I guess I’ll go and eat some worms 😦

I sit here, my loneliness washing over me in deep dark waters, asking myself the same question over and over again:  When will I be loved?


Photo from NOAA.gov
The photo of me that began it all.

Daily Prompt:  When Will I Be Loved

Wikipedia – Blobfish


22 thoughts on “When Will I Be Loved? My Heartache

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  2. Poetry confuses me. Is this poem about you or the fish (please excuse me if that picture is not a fish but a selfie of yourself)? Look at the bright side… at least the fish (or you if the picture’s a selfie) doesn’t (or “don’t” if the picture’s a selfie) have a unibrow.


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